Adult Protective Services

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Adult Protective Services: To screen and evaluate the need for protection of elderly and disabled adults who are incapacitated and are being abused, neglected or exploited and provide services to those individuals who are in need of protection.

Guardianship Services: Assess the need for guardianship services, petition the court for guardianship, and provide services to those who have been adjudicated incompetent.

Representative Payee Services: To assist individuals unable to manage their disability benefits due to mental or physical disabilities and who are without someone to do so for them.



Adult Protective Services: Evaluate and substantiate referrals of abuse, neglect and exploitation. Develop a protection plan specifying needed services, including in-home services, Meals on Wheels, adult day care, counseling, guardianship, out of home placement, representative payee, and referrals to various community resources.  The provision of Protective Services is to remedy circumstances resulting in the mistreatment.


To report abuse, neglect or exploitation of an elderly or disabled adult call (919) 560-8600.

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