Electronic Recording with Durham County

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The Durham County Register of Deeds Office accepts electronically submitted real estate documents for recording. Having your documents submitted electronically provides numerous benefits. E-Recording provides fast, efficient and money saving options. The original document is returned within minutes verses the normal five to ten days by regular mail. The documents are recorded in real time and the cost associated with travel to and from the Register of Deeds Office is eliminated. Feedback is also provided when the document does not meet the North Carolina Real Estate Recording Standards.

If you are a vendor and are interested in submitting your documents electronically to our office, please contact us by telephone at 919-560-0480 or send an email to: regdeeds@dconc.gov.

If you are interested in submitting documents electronically to Durham County or would like more information, please contact one of our vendors below:

• Corporation Service Company (CSC) - www.erecording.com
• eRecording Partners Network, LLC (ePN) -www.erecordingpartners.net
• Indecomm Global Services - www.indecomm.net
• Simplifile - www.simplifile.com