Gang Reduction Strategy

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Increase the safety of Durham citizens by significantly reducing gang-related crime and violence

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Updated Recommendations and Indicators

Proposed Gang Legislation in North Carolina

Prevention and Intervention Team Community Resources


  1. Implement effective prevention measures at the youngest appropriate age
  2. Ensure that effective intervention services are in place
  3. Prosecute gang crime to the fullest extent to the law
  4. Collect sufficient data to determine effectiveness of the Strategy

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Gang Crime Report (2009 - 2015)

How to Help Me Get Out of a Gang published with permission

Gun Crime and Gun Arrests in Durham (2010-2015)

By a Factor of 3 - Juvenile Gang Involvement in Durham

2014 Updated Gang Assessment 

Juvenile Arrests/Petitions 2010 - 2014

Juvenile Crime and Delinquency in Durham County 2011 to 2014

School Resource Officer Incident Reports at Durham Public Schools 2010 to 2014 

2012 Youth and Crime Community Indicator Report


Gang Reduction Strategy Steering Committee

Overview of Steering Committee

Steering Committee Membership List

Steering Committee Timeline of Events


Help for Parents


Parent's Guide to Gangs

Guía sobre las pandillas para los padres



Gang Member's Stories

 No gangs

 065 no guns


Larico's Story


 Hakeem's Story

 Monitoring Bracelet  



For additional information on Durham’s Gang Reduction Strategy please contact:
James Stuit, Gang Reduction Strategy Manager
Phone (919) 560-8580
326 E. Main St, Durham, NC 27701